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5 Essential Phone Settings for your Next Atlantis Gay Cruise

5 Must-Have Settings for Your Next Atlantis Gay Cruise

Are you planning an exciting gay cruise vacation?

As a savvy traveler, you'll want to make sure you're prepared to make the most of your time onboard.One important aspect to consider is your phone settings.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through 5 essential phone settings that will enhance your cruise ship experience.

gay cruise phone settings

1. Setting the Ship's Time Manually

One of the first things you'll need to do is manually set the time on your phone. While smartphones usually rely on the cellular network to update their time automatically, this won't be possible while you're out at sea. Cruise ships often sail through different time zones, and it's crucial to adjust your phone's clock accordingly. To avoid any confusion, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Check the Ship's Time: The ship's time is typically displayed on the TV in your stateroom, the desk phone by your bed or on the cruise line's mobile app if you're connected to the ship's Wi-Fi network.

  2. Set the Time Manually: Before going to bed each night, make it a habit to check the ship's time for the next day and manually adjust your phone's clock accordingly. You can do this by going to your phone's settings and selecting the option to set the time manually. This small action will ensure you stay on schedule throughout your cruise.

time zone gay cruise ship phone settings

2. Enable Airplane Mode to Avoid Roaming Charges

While out at sea, your phone won't have access to cellular networks, and trying to connect to one can result in costly roaming charges. To prevent any unexpected bills and save battery life, it's advisable to turn on Airplane Mode. This mode disables all wireless connections, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Not only will it help you avoid unnecessary charges, but it will also conserve your phone's battery.

Airplane mode phone settings for gay cruise

To enable Airplane Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Access Settings: Open the settings menu on your phone.

  2. Toggle Airplane Mode: Look for the Airplane Mode option and switch it on. This will instantly disable all wireless connections.

  3. Customize Settings: Depending on your preferences, you can also choose to enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth individually while keeping Airplane Mode on. This way, you can still connect to the ship's Wi-Fi network without incurring roaming charges.

3. Connect to the Ship's Wi-Fi for Enhanced Access

In today's digital age, staying connected is essential. Many cruise lines offer Wi-Fi access onboard, allowing you to access various features and services through their mobile apps.

Here's how you can make the most out of the ship's Wi-Fi network:

  1. Download the Cruise Line's Mobile App: Before setting sail, make sure to download the cruise line's official mobile app. This app will serve as your digital companion, providing access to essential information, onboard activities, and more.

  2. Stay Connected: Once onboard, connect your phone to the ship's Wi-Fi network. You don't need to purchase any internet packages to access the basic features of the cruise line's mobile app. This connection will allow you to stay updated on the latest announcements, access daily newsletters, and explore the onboard amenities.

  3. Explore Electronic Services: With the increasing use of technology, cruise lines have transitioned many services to electronic formats. For example, you may find the mandatory safety briefing and daily newsletters in electronic form rather than printed copies. By staying connected to the ship's Wi-Fi, you can easily access and navigate these electronic services.

gay cruise wifi

4. Optimize Data Usage with Low Data Mode

While some cruise ships offer internet access, the connection speeds may not be as fast as what you're accustomed to on land. Additionally, with thousands of people sharing the same connection, it's essential to conserve data usage.

One effective way to achieve this is by enabling Low Data Mode. This feature allows your phone and selected apps to reduce their data usage, optimizing your internet experience. Here's how to enable Low Data Mode on different devices:

iOS Devices (iPhone and iPad)

If you're using an iOS device, follow these steps to enable Low Data Mode:

  1. Connect to the Ship's Wi-Fi Network: Ensure your phone is connected to the ship's Wi-Fi network.

  2. Access Wi-Fi Settings: Go to your phone's settings menu and tap on Wi-Fi.

  3. Enable Low Data Mode: Locate the ship's Wi-Fi network in the list and tap the blue "i" icon next to it. On the next screen, you'll find the option to enable Low Data Mode. Toggle it on to optimize your data usage.

For more information, you can visit the Apple Support website.

Android Devices

Android devices also offer a similar feature to optimize data usage. Here's how you can enable Low Data Mode on your Android device:

  1. Connect to the Ship's Wi-Fi Network: Ensure your phone is connected to the ship's Wi-Fi network.

  2. Access Network Settings: Open your phone's settings menu and navigate to Network & internet > Internet.

  3. Enable Metered Wi-Fi: Tap on the ship's Wi-Fi network, then select Network usage and enable the option to treat it as a metered connection. This will help reduce data usage and optimize your internet experience.

For more details, you can refer to the Google Support website.

5. Customize Auto-Download Settings in Apps

When connected to the ship's Wi-Fi, it's crucial to manage your app's auto-download settings to avoid excessive data usage. While some apps automatically adjust their behavior to reduce data consumption, others may require manual customization.

Atlantis gay cruise phone wifi settings

By reviewing and modifying these settings, you can control which media files are automatically downloaded. Let's take a look at an example with the popular chat apps:

Telegram & WhatsApp

Telegram & WhatsApp are widely used by Atlantis cruisers, and it's essential to manage its auto-download settings to optimize data usage.

Here's how you can customize Telegram's settings (similar for WhatsApp):

  1. Access Data and Storage Settings: Open Telegram and navigate to Settings > Data and Storage.

  2. Disable Background Download: To prevent the app from downloading media in the background, disable the Background Download option.

  3. Configure Auto-Download Settings: Tap on Using Wi-Fi in the Automatic Media Download section. Here, you can choose to turn off auto-download entirely or set custom settings for different types of media files. Adjusting these settings will help you control your data usage while still allowing you to access media when needed.

Same process for your favorite hookup apps: Grindr, Scruff, etc.

gay hook up app on cruise ship

By reviewing the auto-download settings in other frequently used apps, such as chat, music, video, podcast, or social media apps, you can further optimize your data usage and ensure a seamless cruise ship experience.

Bonus: Ensure that you have updated each app to its latest version before the trip to avoid the need to do so using the ship's wifi.

time zone gay cruise ship phone settings

By utilizing these 5 essential phone settings, you can optimize your cruise ship experience and stay connected while onboard. So, set sail confidently and enjoy every moment of your unforgettable journey!

*This blog is inspired by JustJoeyT's awesome blog. Make sure to visit his website for comprehensive information on Atlantis gay cruises, including dos and don'ts, and everything you need to know.


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