GARÇON® Underwear

Garçon is looking for enthusiastic and creative talents to represent its brand online. With this program, we are pleased to partner up and reward our biggest fans and online cheerleaders.

What you'll get:

1- Free product samples

2- $25/photo and $35/video (maximum 10 posts combined per month)

3- Plus $10 bonus per month for ambassadors posting the following mention at the top of their profile description:

@garconmodel Ambassador, Get 15% off using code GM15"

Posts Guidelines:

• Ambassadors can not post previously posted content (or content that is too similar from previous posts).
• Make sure to tag us at @garconmodel for us to be able to count your post towards payment.
• Do  not mention "Ad" or "Paid promotion" (or similar terms) in your post. The less salesy, the more enjoyable it is for the fans.
• Please do not use watermarks.
• Photos/videos must be high resolution, with bright lighting and displaying the brand in a good light. 
• Videos must provide entertainment value and be longer than 5 seconds.


1- Send your monthly PayPal invoice at the beginning of each month (for the previous month's activity) to
2- Include your social media handle (@yourname) and the total amount of posts claimed. 
3- After verification, payment will be issued.Note: Payment will be made via PayPal only.Disclaimer: If the same photo is posted multiple times across multiple social media channels, it will count as 1 new post. (e.i.: The same or identical photo/video posted on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, still counts as 1 post).

Important: Garçon Model and the ambassador can decide to stop this partnership at any time for any reason. This partnership is non binding.For more information, please contact us at