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What is the meaning of 'Padam Padam'?

Have you heard of Padam? 

Kylie Minogue's new song,Padam Padam, is capturing the hearts of gay music listeners all over the world.

The single has become a widely celebrated anthem for Pride Month 2023, and its two words have already become entrenched in the LGBTQ+ lexicon, even though some of its meaning remains unclear to many.

So, what does Padam Padam really mean?

The term was first used by singer Édith Piaf in her 1951 track, also titled “Padam, padam.”

The title, "Padam padam," is meant to evoke the sound of a beating heart as the French singer waits in vain for their companion's return.

In the song, the singer is expressing deep longing for their lost love, begging for them to come back while remembering the happier times that have now past.

Check it out here (and wait for the chorus to hear it):

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