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Gay Health

Beyond Binary: What is Intersex?

Intersex: Understanding the Nuances of Biological Diversity Discover this great investigative documentary about intersex. Amid the societal discourse regarding gender, this documentary about intersex persons is imperative in comprehending why certain people...

Do YOU hide your SEX TOYS?!

Why Do People Hide Their Sex Toys? Sex toys have become more mainstream and accessible than ever before, yet many people still feel embarrassed or ashamed about owning them. Whether...

The Sober Side of Socializing

Finding Fun Without Relying on Drugs and Alcohol Drug and alcohol use at parties in the gay community has increasingly become a concerning aspect of modern social culture, with individuals seeking...

Give Your balls a Facelift

A Painful Trend Among Men Are your sagging, wrinkly balls bringing down your confidence? Fear not, as Scrotox — Botox® for your balls — is here to save the day! Why...