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Elevate Your Cool Factor


Combining impeccable taste, premium quality and —not to forget— total sex appeal, Garçon underwear has built a cult-like following among those with a taste for class and style.

Our collection of underwear, swimwear, tank tops and accessories are designed to help you stand out, characterized by our distinctive logo, lively colors, and creative prints. We are committed to creating superior underwear and swimwear for men, emphasizing 'sexy' and 'classy'. 


The Origin Story

Founded in 2012 in Vancouver, Garçon started with the goal of making stylish, fun, and sexy underwear.

Creators Patrick and Mehdi designed their first line for the modern man. The brand is influenced by Mehdi's Parisian upbringing and Patrick's early interest in fashion, watching his seamstress mother work in Montréal.

Originally named "Garçon Model" inspired by the French phrase for "Good Boy," the brand quickly earned the nickname "Garçon" from its fans. The new name caught on so well that it was officially adopted.

Ethical Production

Your purchase of Garçon directly contributes to ensuring fair wages and ethical factory conditions for workers in developing regions, making a positive impact globally.

Our production costs are more expensive, often 5-7 times more than our competitors, because we prioritize high quality and ethical manufacturing. We choose not to negotiate prices at the expense of our factory workers' wages, and we always select the highest quality options to satisfy our customers.

By choosing our products, you support ethical manufacturing practices.