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Beyond Binary: What is Intersex?

Venezcouvrir cet excellent documentaire d'investigation sur l'intersexuation. Au milieu du débat social sur le genre, ce documentaire sur les personnes intersexe est essentiel pour comprendre pourquoi certaines personnes affirment qu'il existe d'autres genres que le masculin et le féminin.

Discover this great investigative documentary about intersex. Amid the societal discourse regarding gender, this documentary about intersex persons is imperative in comprehending why certain people posit that there are genders apart from male and female.

Video (French only) from the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS):

Episode 1 on gender and sexuality:

Voici plusieurs ressources supplémentaires, y compris des associations et des informations concernant l'intersexualité.

Here are several additional resources, including organizations and information concerning intersex.

What is a Definition of intersex?

Intersex refers to a variation in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, or genitals that do not allow an individual to be distinctly identified as male or female. Such variations can be genetic, hormonal, or anatomical and can manifest in different ways. For instance, a person with XY chromosomes, which is typically associated with males, might have external genitalia that appear female. Conversely, a person with XX chromosomes, which is typically associated with females, might have external genitalia that appear male.

It's important to recognize that intersex is a naturally occurring variation in human biology, and individuals who are intersex may have a range of experiences and identities. Being intersex is not the same as having a specific gender identity or sexual orientation. Furthermore, societal attitudes and medical practices regarding intersex individuals have evolved over time, and there is a growing movement advocating for the rights and dignity of intersex people.


Intersex flag

If you've ever been curious about the significance of the yellow flag with a purple circle in the LGBTQIA+ flag, you now have the answer! This particular flag represents the intersex community, which is a part of the diverse spectrum of identities encompassed within the LGBTQIA+. 

Great French interview:

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