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Jockstraps Vs Thongs

There seems to be 2 opposite camps in the sexy gay underwear world. Some are resolutely team jockstraps while others are team thongs exclusively. While this is definitely a personal preference, we try to please both camps!
At Garçon, we aim to provide with both comfortable and sexy underwear options. You can spot our Signature men's jockstraps from a mile away with their distinctive waistband that resembles the Versace logo (some say!). We also try to provide extra comfort with anatomically correct front pouch for a roomy feel. Our specifically designed fabric is also one of the softest and most luxurious to the touch of the market.

Because who doesn't like to see men in jockstraps? Especially Garçon Model jockstraps!
And for the ones that are team thongs, check us out here!