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Elevate Your Cool Factor with Garçon


Combining impeccable taste, premium quality and —not to forget— total sex appeal, Garçon underwear has built a cult-like following among those with a taste for class and style.

Our collection of underwear, swimwear, tank tops and accessories are designed to help you stand out, characterized by our distinctive logo, lively colors, and creative prints. We are committed to creating superior underwear and swimwear for men, emphasizing 'sexy' and 'classy'.

Garçon celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and is dedicated to social justice.



The Origin Story

Founded in 2012 in Vancouver, Garçon started with the goal of making stylish, fun, and sexy underwear.

Creators Patrick and Mehdi designed their first line for the modern man. The brand is influenced by Mehdi's Parisian upbringing and Patrick's early interest in fashion, watching his seamstress mother work in Montréal.

Originally named "Garçon Model" inspired by the French phrase for "Good Boy," the brand quickly earned the nickname "Garçon" from its fans. The new name caught on so well that it was officially adopted.


What makes Garçon the best men's underwear brand?

Garçon has been making men's underwear for the gay community for over 12 years. We've learned a lot and improved our products along the way. Thanks to the positive feedback and success, Garçon has become one of the top gay underwear brands. Our goal is to make underwear that feels great to wear and celebrates who you are!

Are you related to Comme des Garçons underwear?

Oh, how we wish we were the cheeky cousin of Comme des Garçons! We're big fans of their avant-garde designs. While we’re not family, we like to think we share a flair for creating fantastic piece of clothing. They dazzle the fashion realm with their innovative creations, and we, at Garçon, aim to blend comfort with style in every pair we craft.

Why do I see so many people wearing Garçon underwear at gay circuit parties?

It seems like Garçon underwear has become a party favorite! Maybe it's our comfy fit or stylish look that's got everyone shimmying in Garçon at the underwear parties. We're just thrilled to be part of the fun. We're popular, what can we say!

Is Garçon an underwear brand from Canada?

Garçon is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our team is a fun mix of folks from Quebec, France, and other places, all brought together by our love for beautiful Vancouver. We blend French style with the cool, relaxed vibe of the Pacific Northwest in our brand. So, when you pick Garçon, you're getting more than just underwear; you're getting a bit of our shared experiences and camaraderie!

Do Garçon employees have a gay underwear fetish?

While we can’t dive into the personal preferences of Garçon employees, what we can say is that they surely have a passion for stylish and comfortable undergarments. Whether that borders on a fetish, well, that's a cheeky territory we’ll leave to the imagination!

How do you pronounce Garçon?

The word "Garçon" is French and it's pronounced as "gahr-son". The accent on the "ç" (cédille) indicates that the "ç" should be pronounced as an "s" sound.

What do Garçon specializes in?

We take pride in crafting superior underwear and swimwear exclusively for men. Our fresh collection of tank tops is something we're thrilled about - they boast a stellar fit and a sleek appearance. Our swim shorts also stand out, offering a tailored fit around the legs coupled with exceptional fabric and engaging patterns. Garçon Model has been recognized as the go-to brand for stylish and comfortable men's underwear, earning accolades as the best gay underwear brand. Our offerings range from sexy jockstraps and snug briefs to vibrant speedos and tempting thongs. Additionally, we provide an exciting array of gay circuit party gear, gay harnesses, and fetish underwear to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.