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Checkout RuPaul's Fabulous Mansion!

Check out RuPaul's fabulous Beverly Hills mansion in this latest Architectural Digest video.

Mother did not come to play, honey! From the get-go, you're gonna be shook by the fabulosity of it all. RuPaul's house is dripping with glamour and style, just like the queen herself.

RuPaul’s Fabulous Beverly Hills Mansion

RuPaul’s Fabulous Beverly Hills Mansion

By the end of the video, you can't help but admire RuPaul's taste and style. The house is a true reflection of her fierce personality and success. It's all about being unapologetically yourself, just like RuPaul, and that's what makes it so special.

RuPaul’s Fabulous Beverly Hills Mansion

So, grab some popcorn, watch the video, and get ready to be inspired by the one and only Mother Ru! Yas queen! 🌈💅🏽✨

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