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Meet the sexy model Paul Revesz

Garçon Model presents an exciting new series showcasing the world's top upcoming male models, and leading the pack is the talented Paul Revesz from MSA Models in NYC, captured beautifully by photographer Marco Ovando.

best Gay underwear model

At just 26 years old, Paul's journey from Austria to Hungary, where his passion for music and love for sports and fitness blossomed, paved the way for his remarkable career in modeling.

best Gay underwear model

With an enviable physique and an expressive face, Paul quickly caught the attention of prestigious model agencies and photographers.

Since 2012, he has jet-setted across the globe, gracing the pages of renowned magazines like Harper's Bazaar and Esquire, among others. Currently residing in Manhattan with his wife, Paul continues to make waves in the industry.

best Gay underwear model

Witness Paul Revesz in all his glory, showcasing Garçon's latest collection of stylish briefs and boxer-briefs. Immerse yourself in the striking photos and captivating video below, and embrace the essence of top-tier men's underwear fashion.

best Gay underwear model


We had the pleasure of shooting again with Paul but this time through the lens of fashion photographer Ted Sun. Discover the series of shoot for our Graffiti swimwear collection in black and white.

best Gay underwear model

Experience the allure of men's underwear modeling with Paul Revesz and Garçon - where style meets comfort and confidence!

best Gay underwear model

best Gay underwear model

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