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White Party Palm Springs - FLUIDITY Party 🌊

Let's kick off White Party Palm Springs' Friday night (May 12, 2023) with a BANG! 💥

We're kicking off the weekend with a legendary tribute to house music and the Ballroom/Drag scene, featuring dazzling performances all night long. 

Whether you identify as gender fluid, or just love to express yourself freely, THIS NIGHT'S FOR YOU with mind-blowing performances from DJs Dan Slater (Australia) and Tom Stephan (UK)!

Get ready for an epic night of free expression and non-stop fun!

Get your tickets here:

*Use our code GARCON10 to receive 10% off your passes. *Maximum 2 passes per order.

#FluidityParty #BallroomDancing #DragQueens #PalmSprings


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