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Best Men's Swimwear

Best Men’s Swimwear


Shop Garcon swimwear for our collection of sexy mens swimwear. We take pride in our bold collection of beach swim shorts, small men's briefs, men's bikini swimsuits, and beach.

Other products in our collection include attractive speedo for men, board swimming trunks, men's thong bikini swimwear, and speedo brief swimwear. Our range of sexy men's swimwear is perfect in fit and style. They are ideal for anyone looking to buy men's swim briefs for beach trips and swimming occasions.

We enhance your sex appeal with our unique men's swimwear. Whether you opt to go with our men's swim undies, male swim bikini, men's swim briefs, or any swimming wear male models would treasure, we guarantee to boost your sex positivity with a tempting fashion twist.

Our men's swimwear underwear is available in a variety of designs. You can choose men's swimwear bikini briefs that are wholly closed, open from the front, or the trendy beach underwear men would naturally close with clasps. Finally, our men's swimsuit underwear or men's swim trunks Australia has unique features such as non-slip grips to keep them firmly in place.

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Best Men's Underwear


The best men's underwear according to Garçon has the right mix of originality and elegance. Garçon underwear for men has won over fans of bold and unique looks. Garçon will make you stand out from the crowd with its recognizable logo and use of vivid colors and prints.

When you shop with us, you don't have to compromise on quality and style. At Garçon, we are obsessed with delivering the best quality underwear and the hottest styles. Our elevated looks provide the perfect men's underwear, no matter if you're looking for some fun underwear or sexy undies or just some everyday ultra comfortable underwear.

Good quality underwear are far and few between as brands are trying to squeeze every profit they can. At Garçon, we take the opposite approach and do not cut cost on fabric, manufacturing wages and providing the best quality underwear possible. We obsess on good stitching, attaining the perfect shades of colors that will compliment your style.

When you buy Garçon men's underwear, you can trust that it is made to last and that it was produced ethically with fair worker wages. The sizing is consistent, the elastic is soft and comfortable, and the fabric feels nice against your skin. All of this combines to give you the confidence to feel like the best (and sexiest) version of yourself.

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Best Mens Trunks

In these recent years, as men have been feeling more comfortable in their own skin and sexuality, we've noticed a shift from wearing boxer-briefs to trunks. The shorter length of the trunks while still offering coverage offers a more sexy appeal. Shopping for great-looking men's underwear doesn't have to be hard. Whether you are looking for briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps or something with even less coverage, like thongs, you are sure to find them here.

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Best Sellers Mens Underwear

The first step to finding underwear that you love is to know the cut and style you want. As mentioned above, trunks, briefs, and boxer-briefs all have their advantages. Most men have preferences. Don't feel that you have to purchase something you are uncomfortable with, but also, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a bit. 
Explore the website and find the perfect pair of men's underwear for any occasion.

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Gay circuit party outfits

Discover Garçon's sexy gay circuit party gear with the sexiest gay harness and matching gay underwear. Get ready for the hottest gay circuit parties whether you're heading to the White Party Palm Springs or Dallas Purple Party. Always look your best in Garçon gay outfit for any gay dance party sexy gay party.

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Gay Fetish Underwear

Garçon new range of fetish underwear and fetish gear are the hottest. Wether you are looking for fetish harmess to go to a fetish party or you just enjoy gay fetish items, choose Garçon fetish gear instead of JJ Malibu fetish outfits, box fetish underwear, pump fetish underwear, Charlie fetish, Coyote fetish, Teamm8 fetish, Andrew Christian fetish.

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Men's Boxer Briefs

Boxer-Briefs for Men

Are you looking for sexy boxers? You came to the right place! Although there is no one best choice for men's underwear, some guys are only swearing by boxers over briefs.
Boxers-briefs provide the maximum coverage and some men enjoy the feeling of  maximum coverage. They also leave less of an imprint underneath your trousers and you don't have to adjust them like David Beckham in his famous Calvin Klein underwear ad.

If you're an aficionado of boxers, then you'll love our Garcon boxer-briefs as they hug you like a second skin and don't ride up. The soft to the touch fabric is what makes our boxer briefs a hit with guys since our first collection in 2012.

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Mens Jockstraps

Jockstraps Vs Thongs

There seems to be 2 opposite camps in the sexy gay underwear world. Some are resolutely team jockstraps while others are team thongs exclusively. While this is definitely a personal preference, we try to please both camps!
At Garçon, we aim to provide with both comfortable and sexy underwear options. You can spot our Signature men's jockstraps from a mile away with their distinctive waistband that resembles the Versace logo (some say!). We also try to provide extra comfort with anatomically correct front pouch for a roomy feel. Our specifically designed fabric is also one of the softest and most luxurious to the touch of the market.

Because who doesn't like to see men in jockstraps? Especially Garçon Model jockstraps!
And for the ones that are team thongs, check us out here!

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Mens Underwear Briefs

Are You Briefs or Boxers?

Most men have a strong personal preference for either or. While some prefer the roomy comfort of boxers, others prefer the snug fit of briefs. For some, the combination style of boxer-briefs is what feels right, and of course, there are always those who prefer something sexier like our mens thongs

Briefs and boxer-briefs have an important place in your wardrobe as well. Briefs and boxer briefs are the best choice under slim-cut bottoms, as well as shorter shorts where the bottom of the boxer may show. Jockstraps are a great choice here as well, although some men prefer to keep jockstraps for when they are wanting the sexiest underwear for men.

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New Drops

New Men's Underwear

Discover our new line of sexy Men's underwear ranging from sexy thongs and flashy jockstraps to classic and masculine briefs. Shop our selection of gay underwear to find the perfect foundation for your look. Some items may work best for the bedroom, but many of the sexy underwear pieces we stock like our garçon Trunks or our comfortable briefs are designed for everyday wear. Knowing you have on these sexy underwear items can boost your outlook throughout the day. 

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On Sale

Sale Mens Underwear


We provide you with a chance to buy men's lingerie, gay men's apparel, or male underwear online. At Garcon Underwear, we take pride in being one of the best gay underwear brands specializing in manufacturing and distributing men's sexy underwear and swimwear. Our men's sexy underwear and cheap jockstrap brands come in various colors. You will find your best underwear for gay men in traditional colors such as tan and black or brighter models such as red, blue, pink, yellow, and green. Besides, gay men's clothing brands come in a range of sizes to guarantee comfort and enhance your sexy features in the way you want them noticed.

Unlike most gay clothing stores that overprice their products, our prices are incredibly fair. Yet, as your favorite gay-owned underwear brand from Canada, our products are trendy and made from high-quality materials. The quality of our products surpasses your ordinary gay clothing brands blogs readers often discuss. Finally, we offer amazing discounts on top gay brands in our collection. We are your true partner for the best gay clothing brands USA & Canada.
odel underwear sale and garcon underwear discount shop better price than JJ Malibu, box underwear, pump underwear, Charlie by MZ, Coyote underwear, Teamm8, underwear experts, Andrew Christian sale.

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Sexy Airjocks for Men

New Garçon Airjocks with push up pouch technology. Sexy Air jocks for men. Push up underwear separated saxx BallPark Pouch Push-up underwear. Male push up underwear Push-up technology for men's underwear Shapewear underwear front lifting pouch for men

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Sexy Gay Harnesses

Gay Harness for Underwear Party

Men gay harness continues to gain popularity among most gay men. And you can trust us at Garcon Underwear for your matching harness and underwear for your next gay party. You can match from the versatile array of harnesses and underwear. Our gay harnesses, lingerie, jockstraps, and thongs are stylish and sexy. As a top gay brand, we provide perfect products for gay couples or lovers who want to showcase their attractive features.

Our collection of fetish men's underwear is soft and breathable, making them suitable for the enthusiastic and confident party goer. A harness for a gay circuit party is ideal for festivals if you want to turn heads. And like harnesses have a meaning to the gay wearers, each piece of our harness for gay underwear party carries with them this tradition. We make our harnesses from leather to give you a more masculine look. Our products will emphasize your chest, shoulders, and biceps to give you an arousing sexual look. But unlike the traditional harnesses that were primarily black, you can have fun with some exciting colors from our store.

Get ready for your next circuit party with these sexy circuit party gear and make up the hottest gay dance party outfit. Garçon circuit harness is perfect for gay circuit party outfits. Best gay harness for circuit parties! Perfect for gay underwear parties too! fetish gay underwear gay fetish harness

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Sexy Thongs for Men

Seriously the best thongs for men! Our sexy male thongs are designed to provide you with the perfect style and comfort. Not only are they made from soft and luxurious fabrics that feels soft against your skin but they're also designed to provide you with ample comfort around the waistline and the from pouch.

Our sexy thongs have been called the best gay thongs for men. If you're looking for the perfect male thong, Garcon Model's sexy thongs are the top choice for any men looking for male thongs combining class and sex appeal.

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